Sending me your DJI products to review

I spend a lot of time researching and testing DJI products so I can recommend quality products to DJI drone owners. Being able to see, feel, and use the products firsthand is the best way to ensure I understand how the products work and which problems they can solve for your customers.

If you manufacture DJI products and have a product you'd like me to review, please mail it to me at the following address:

Mike Singer
4075 Linglestown Road
PMB #333
Harrisburg, PA 17112

You can email me at to let me know a package is on the way — and anything else you'd like me to know about the product(s) you're sending.

Note: Please include a return shipping label if you'd like me to return your product(s) after I complete my review. All products that do not need to be returned will be kept (if I can use them), used in a giveaway, or sold.